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Be aware of your identity

Be aware of your identity

…and use it with intent in your creating process.

Following the snowball of inspiration that Chris Do got from Hasan Minaj, Here is my face chart.

As creators, we tend to lose ourselves in our projects more often than we would like. At times goes well, and it feels just right, with no second thoughts or red flags. Other times, we question if what we are making is converting ourselves into something we aren’t sure we like.

Having a clear understanding of our identity can be a guiding light during self-doubt in the creation process. It’s fair to think that self-reflection is a dangerous road. — What if I go all the way down to question my whole existence?. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. It can be as simple as the face chart exercise. The important thing is to create traces of who we are for our future selves to look for.

As Chris Do explains in his talk on how to communicate value, we can use our identity statements as a filter. Do you have a new idea? Pass it through your identity filter. I bet it will be a great rule of thumb to prevent an existential crisis in the future. The most exciting thing about this concept is to use our identity with intent to create.

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