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Consider this page as a compendium of self-help breakthroughs that I've learned and I'd love to discuss with you. If you find something useful our of these texts, reach out to me to keep the conversation rolling.

Texting myself

Struggling to put thoughts into words is a common challenge. As a matter of fact, I’m grappling with writing right now. So, I remembered a little hack for this.‌

A screenshot of a chat texting myself

Screenshot me texting myself

I text with myself.

It’s easier to let my mind flow when I’m texting. There is something about the conversation format of a chat that makes explaining thoughts less intimidating. That’s why I created a WhatsApp group (with me as the only member) to write ideas to myself. It might sound a bit schizophrenic, but it comes in handy at times.

I type things feeling as if I’m texting with a friend. I keep it casual. I use simple words that anyone would understand. I free myself from the structure and strict grammar rules, and I focus on the idea.

Actually, I think that is the best part of this hack. It makes it easier to be casual about ideas. It keeps it simple. It keeps it real.

That’s what a hack does, right? It helps to overcome the challenges we face. Tonight this hack helped me bit whatever was keeping me from writing.

Would you text yourself?

Here a list of things a write to myself daily.

  • Jokes ideas that I recommend myself to write in the future
  • Good things I could have said in my last meeting
  • A positive message to myself in the future
  • A compliment
  • A memory that crossed my mind
  • A joke about myself written in the third person

Oh! You are still here? Maybe if you stuck with me until now, you might wonder. Why don’t you write notes on your phone?

It is not the same. The beauty of this hack is that it’s a conversation. You don’t believe me, take a look at this article about how Marcus K. Dowling gets inspired by chatting with his friends to write his stories.

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