Comic Journal of a creative mind.

Comic Journal of a creative mind.

Find here my daily Doodles made in 2021.

A beautiful day to stay home.

July 07.2021

Hello visitor, This site is a work in progress, but you are welcome to enjoy the content while I fix it. Embrace the non-perfectionism of the site.

Work anniversary (WIP).

July 06.2021

Cheap labor.

July 05.2021

Job interview.

July 02.2021

Serious training.

July 01.2021


June 30.2021

Slow cat.

June 29.2021

The complexity under the pretty face.

June 28.2021

Creative itch.

June 25.2021

Stimulating the algorithm.

June 24.2021

Awful clients.

June 23.2021

Collaboration with my friend Erika Gutierrez.


June 22.2021

Collaboration with Never falls.


June 21.2021


June 18.2021

Room for ideas.

June 17.2021

Catching ideas.

June 16.2021

Crushing it.

June 15.2021

Elephant in the room.

June 14.2021

Shiny object syndrome.

June 10.2021

Lost motivation.

June 09.2021


June 08.2021

Wrong sweetie.

June 07.2021

Adventure in the volcano

June 04.2021

Damn you mondays.

June 03.2021

Closing The Akimbo creative workshop.

June 02.2021

Reading expands your universe.

June 01.2021

Google translate.

May 31.2021

Fake success.

May 28.2021


May 20.2021


May 19.2021

Career advise.

May 18.2021

Organized work.

May 17.2021

The past, the present, and the future.

May 16.2021

Idea addict.

May 15.2021

Aiming for quantity over quality.

May 14.2021

Big ideas and lack of skill

May 13.2021

Computer Detox day, just logging in briefly to share today’s comic. Inspired by yesterday’s comic, I did the counterpart of the story.

Skill mastered, no idea

May 12.2021

I’m the complete opposite of the guy in the comic. I know what I want to do but Skills are always my flaws. Maybe I’m just a bit frustrated because I’m struggling to get my blog up and running. In any case, That’s my comic for today 😜

The Career Ladder.

May 11.2021

I remember complaining when I was younger at my dad because he never stuck to a job and climbed the career ladder. He will jump from one jump to the other. If he wasn’t working for a bank, he was driving a cab. If he got too tired of that, he would start his own Laundromat. He created jobs out of nowhere. I always thought that was the reason our family finances were never stable.

Yes, maybe they were not, but my dad will always have a story to tell: a lesson to teach and a joyful attitude towards life.

After a couple of years on this so-called career ladder, I start to understand more and more my dad’s philosophy of life. Careers grow to the sides, not to the top. At least for creative minds eager to experience the world. Climbing up has certainly a reward in terms of predictability in life but it might even lead to a predictable lack of variety. As always, I don’t think there is a right or wrong, but I think a reminder that there’s more than one way to live is always useful.

The drip by drip creative process

May 10.2021

Today I came across a creative process of one of my favorite writers Austin Kleon, and I felt like a great match to the daily concept. Ever since I started to feel comfortable with the daily practice concept, I started thinking. I sorted out my daily commitment, but how do I create bigger formats. His process works very well.

To give it a proper thought, I did, of course, a visualization of this.
It’s still a draft, but It’s what I managed to do on a heavy workload Monday.

I hope you find it as insightful as I did.

Self-assembled Creative

May 09.2021

One day after the hundred and I have no intentions to stop. I will keep the habit of the daily delivery.
I will keep posting here while I still have prompts to do and will slowly migrate my daily habit to my own blog

Speaking about blogs.  my friend Cliff Guren and I are planning on working on an article together. To get a glimpse of his work I read some of his blog spots. His writing is amazing, I encourage you to visit his site. Cathedrals of the Imagination and Other Beautiful Things — Cliff Guren 1

In this post talks about the concept of being self-assembled. He is referring to a comment that Antonio Machado said once about Walt Witman.

100 days of daily practice

May 08.2021

Wrapping up 100 days of creative delivery

I had to make a short comic to close this 100-day journey!
There are of course more feelings and moments worth documenting but I think this is a fun summary of the experience.

I started this workshop searching for ways to find my voice as a creative. I wanted to go through an internal journey to find the reason why I create what I do. I was wishing to find in this workshop the community and tools that will help me find it.

One hundred days later, I can’t say I have it all figured out. But I’m certainly much more confident. This workshop was an awesome space to explore, refine and discover new perspectives. I know what I don’t know. I know the questions that will potentially get me unstuck in the future and I have a community of creative minds to reach out to. Shout out to the awesome @bowerbird, @redfox, @cohort26 and all the others that interacted with me in the past months.

Key takeaways of the experience:

  • Writing is like cardio for creatives. Even if we are not writers is an essential tool for creativity.
  • To find our identity as creatives we first have to do the work.
  • Being part of a creative community is the best way to stay motivated.

There are like a hundred I could write but this is the top three in my head right now.

Freestyle Doodle

May 07.2021

Another day another doodle.
I worked today on the cover of the podcast that I started with one of my best friends Alejandro Juarez.
The brief was: Do it as Quirky as possible. well, here it is!
I find it poetic that the previous to last daily is about an upcoming project. What a journey!

That’s it for now.


May 06.2021

Still not very happy with the punchline but I will get to it!

MVP's gone wild

May 05.2021

I almost didn’t make it. I had such great chats after work with @havamons and @Stacey. And later, with @cliffguren that I almost forgot about my daily. I have to admit I’m drained, and I couldn’t find the words for this short story. I will come back and wrap it up tomorrow with fresh batteries.

At least I capture the emotions; I’m just missing the words. Work in progress counts as a daily, right?

Thanks for the awesome conversations today. Looking forward to our next calls

Zoom isn't an open mic

May 04.2021

Today was one of those days at work when my colleagues confused Zoom as an Open mic.
Inspired by that experience, here the comic of the day.

Planning as an excuse

May 03.2021

Late and tired after a long day at work, but here my daily comic.
Reflecting on plans becoming counterproductive.

The good conversation cycle

May 02.2021

Sunday podcast is getting most of my attention lately, but I got to put a little sketch today.

I’m still allowing myself to riff about the creative process. After doing an introspective process, I manage to illustrate how I like to Find the dots to connect. This happens mostly by having conversations, so I created this illustration as a reminder of my process.

Connecting the dots you only see

May 01.2021

Thanks to this workshop, I found out about Amanda Palmer. I started reading her book The art of asking.
I was just 10 minutes in when I found this quote (see comic), and I had to draw it. She closes the thought, referring to artists as the crazy ones that dare to make a living out of connecting dots.

This concept of connecting dots made me think in the Frankenvoice. This is once more the topic of borrowing different views to share what we see as interesting in them in one piece. That might come out as our voice because we connected the thoughts. We are the ones that communicate it. Still, it wouldn’t exist without the authors that inspired the piece in the beginning.

I might be getting very deep into reading about the creative process. I’m enjoying this a lot

Happy weekend everybody


April 30.2021

Simple daily today.

I liked a lot the concept of the Frankenvoice so I decided to spend some time on it. I didn’t have many thoughts to add so I started sketching. What I like about sketching is that gives me time to think about the concept while I spent time in it, instead of wondering while doing the dishes or just staring at the blank page.

Reflecting on this was like warming up to write about the idea. I would love to tell you that it worked out and now I have a ton written about this idea. It just didn’t click. But if the worst-case scenario was that I got an illustration out of that exercise, it was worth it.

Save the Earth

April 29.2021

Today I have a different kind of comic. I draw a draft back on the day of the Earth.

That day I attended a webinar about why storytelling is at the heart of sustainability. Tom Watt-Smith, the speaker, shared something that stuck in my mind. We should switch the narrative of fear. The message out there is to fear the destruction of the earth caused by humans. He purposes to use love instead. Make people fall in love with our planet so much that they want to save it.

This comic is the result of that inspiration.

Useful feedback (if anyone is still active)
Do you think this comic inspires fear or love?
Describe your feelings in one sentence.

Thanks for reading

Messy quantity vs Perfect quality

April 27.2021

As creatives, we deal with days when we have a lot to say and others with few ideas. I see this as a cycle.

When we have a loaded stream of ideas, they come raw. They will probably not be our best work, but they are vast. The great thing about having a huge pile of raw material is that we have a repertoire to pick from. If we did a good enough job, we captivated the sentiment of the moment we got the idea we will develop forward. These ideas come at a fast pace, and stopping the stream of consciousness could be counterproductive.

The other side of the cycle, though, is when our brains look perfect. Is when we seek to articulate perfectly. It is when we apply the right technique and focus on the details. This is a much slower process, of course. Taking the time to refine our ideas will make it more likely other people understand exactly what we meant.

Personally, I don’t have the best relationship with the second part of the cycle. I feel like it slows me down. But I believe this suits my stage in the journey pretty well. I’m early in my career and my medium. I’m fine with that, just as when I played in a rock band when I was 15. This is the stage of quantity until quality.

This doesn’t mean creatives in a more mature journey don’t face the same struggle. I’m confident that with the experience, we learn when is enough and cycle. Just as a designer, I know when are enough variations for the screen of an app to get it ready for implementation.

I believe this is a cycle we get to master with every new venture we start.

Limitations are the way to creative freedom.

April 26.2021

I can count more times feeling blessed by constraints than upset. As creative minds starting a project with no limitations can turn a project into a nightmare very quickly. No having any criteria to choose from technique, colors, audience, purpose, budget means we have many opportunities to wonder instead of doing. Setting up limitations early on is the best way to choose our freedom.

I came across this quote from Stravinsky who explains this point very well. And here short comic to picture the idea.

I’m still not a fan of the dialogue, any feedback about what you think can improve it I will appreciate it

Diving into the sea of information

April 25.2021

For today’s daily, I want to bring a new dynamic.
The latest weeklies have been about me sketching quotes that inspired me or that I wrote. This time I’d like to know which caption does the comic inspires you?

Have you been attacked by the information wave before?
What would the Chest mean for you?
What would be your caption for this story?

Thanks for participating

In other news, I had a great conversation today with a drummer friend Benedikt Hesse and I even got to help him designer a ninja drummer for his Method called Tatami. Here is a sample, but if you want to see his story, I recommend you visit his Program.


Benedikt has been using the avatar files I’ve been sharing to create stories. I can’t explain how happy I’m to see they are useful. I also saw in Benedikt’s face that he was having fun creating those comics, and that’s what this project is for.

This reminds me I gotta get back to my project avatars in action…


April 24.2021

Short check-in today.

I don’t know if I told you all, but I started recording a podcast with a friend. We recorded our second episode today. We are recording our experience as Mexicans that migrated to Germany. I’m very happy exploring the new medium but very trying to record.

With that being said there’s no comic today but a quick draft.


Here a sneak pic of today’s recording session.


Work first, label last

April 23.2021

Another day another comic.
This time inspired by the interview with Eliot Peper
I said it all there but it’s all based on the ideas that thinking of the Genre should not stop me from creating every day as it used to.

Does this resonate with anyone?
Challenging thoughts are welcome

Creative Rap Battle

April 22.2021

Using the first hours of the days to document stream of consciousness work!

It’s been a couple of days since I’m waking up full of thoughts. Instead of avoiding them and try to go back to sleep, I’m waking up and writing down everything. I remember @staceyleader chat about the morning pages, so I’m leaning into it (even before reading more about it, shame on me). In any case, I’m doing it, and it is working wonders.

Today I wrote like 8 pages in my journal, and it’s so awesome because, by the time I decide to work on my days, I can go there and pick one thing to refine and post it here. Now I really get the meaning of the phrase: Find inspiration from yourself in the past. Meaning If yesterday Miguel documented well his observations about his day Miguel of the present has an easier job.

Now the Comic of the day or the scene rather is about seeing the creative process as a Rap battle. I’m still thinking a lot about how someone’s art influence ours. Sometimes we read something interesting, and we think about how to say it differently or add something from our experience.

Have you ever read something interesting and felt the urge to build upon that?
I would like to hear from my fellow creatives from you if this ever happens to you.
If yes, what was the last time you reacted to it? and what did you do?

Happy weekend everyone

PS. I filmed myself sketching this comic and posted on IG whoever want to go and listen to my train of thoughts while sketching

Too creative for perfect

April 21.2021

Speaking of perfect, I heard a quote the other day that really stroke me. It was in Spanish, and even the guy who said it forgot the actual reference, but here is my interpretation. Writing things perfectly is the only resource writers with few things to say have as an excuse (Yes, I wrote it differently in the comic, the keyboard suggested different words.

This artist shared the times he caught himself using the best writing techniques and sophisticated rhetoric to cover for his lack of things to say. As for now, his writing and producing like crazy all sorts of raw ideas because he has too much to say.

For the past couple of years, I felt very frustrated because I was seeking perfection. I was in an environment where that was expected, and I wasn’t able to keep up. My frustration came from putting a block to all the projects I wanted to do because I had to concentrate on doing ONE THING PERFECTLY. This is just not the way my brain is wired, and I’m not playing to my advantage.

I’m confident that by practicing zooming in and out, I’ll find the perfect balance, but for now, here a comic of me embracing the quote.

Local influence

April 20.2021

Today was a days full of thoughts, I think I wrote down like 6 pages of notes of comic ideas and topics I would like to write about. After such a brain dump, it was hard to concentrate and make one concrete piece. Luckily my friend @George_Damian told me to see detailed work as an opportunity to practice improve.

This comic came out of my notes about feelings I’ve had in ‘‘the seek of an audience to serve’’. I’m guilty of trying things to reach the masses and forget about the people that are close to me and actually care about what I have to share.

Funny enough, I wouldn’t have thoughts to share if I wasn’t trying things out. It is a vicious cycle. But maybe with a bit of perspective and the right intention, this can turn out a virtuous one.

Happy as always sharing the breakthroughs of the day. They are easy to read but hard to squeeze out of my mind.

Comic Update

April 19.2021

Thanks to the great feedback from @staceyleader and @havamons I got to refine yesterday's comic

It’s awesome what some brief changes can make the difference.

The longest round

April 18.2021

Another day another comic.
This time was inspired by a Ryan Holiday. In his book, The obstacle is the way. He explains the vision of a strategist. I like how uses all sort of combat metaphors to make his point. I took it a bit more figuratively.

As part of feeling more and more comfortable letting my influences influence my work, it’s getting easier to create. Yes, that sounds funny, but it’s 100% intentional. I remember getting ideas when reading or watching movies and thinking, oh, would be cool. I came to that idea all on my own. Well, they just don’t come that way.

Same as I got the idea from Ryan Holiday, he got it from Plutarch and all the other Philosophers he quotes. What changes is the interpretation and to who we make this information accessible. Here is where I make peace with the fact that it’s fine to get inspired and interpret things differently.

How often has this happen to you?
Whos that person in your life that goes around every time?

Useful Feedback.
Do you think this visual metaphor fits the quote?
What other situation could be a good metaphor for this one?

Happy Monday, everyone!

Drawing Frankenvoice

April 17.2021

I had a busy day Hosting brunch and taking part in a podcast from a friend.

We talked about what it means to be a good citizen as an expat. What do we do to be good members of the community we live in and back in our home countries. It’s interesting how we end up living this duality every day, yet I tend to forget it. It just feels natural to me now.

It’s just 5 years since I left my country, and I think it is until now that I start feeling how being a foreigner is part of my personality. So I was happy to join the conversation and have it recorded. I’m excited to listen to it when it’s released in September.

Now, I don’t like leaving my dailies without a sketch, so here is a quick doodle that I made from Frankenvoice. I liked the concept, and I think I will use it as a recurring character.

Happy Sunday! I’ll read you tomorrow

Animated Work in progress

April 16.2021

Today’s Daily is the progress on that animated story I work on the weekends. I finally finish all frames of the story. There must be a better way to make this sort of animations. I’m still following the old-school process back when Disney started, it seems. Anyway, it might not be the most efficient production ever, but I’m having fun and committed to complete.


Happy weekend!

Elevator pitch

April 15.2021

In today’s comic, I wanted to represent how often we make things more complicated than we should, mostly when we communicate what we do to other people. After giving a brief, almost self-explanatory message, we feel like we don’t belong to that box. We are more than that. And then our message gets complicated and messy.

Through a lot of reflecting and doing, I found peace in communicating what I do and who I’m accordingly on the situation. To anyone new to my feed full of comics, I tell them I draw comics about a creative life. To someone that interested in my small business Avatars in action, I told them I’m an entrepreneur in the business of storytelling. At work, I’m the junior designer that does interfaces. In the end, I’m all of those things, but I tailor my message clearly to who it might concern. Otherwise, it would not be very clear, and I don’t want to confuse them.

Why is this reflection so important? Well, otherwise I wouldn’t have the nerve to through some comedy to the situation, and that would be a pity.

Happy weekend everyone!

Non responsive yet

April 14.2021

Another day another comic.
I’m embracing the inspiration stream for drawing these short comics. Am I avoiding the projects waiting for me again? Maybe… but hey, at least I’m showing up and doing my practice, right?

I drew this one after having 5 different conversations this week with my friends we are all learning a lot about ourselves working on our websites. Sadly that doesn’t mean they are up and running. I’m sure @luciajoy might relate.

I also digitized the one from yesterday.

Editor and Artist

April 13.2021

Back to business.
I know I wanted to focus on finishing my Comic Case study, but when opportunities and ideas show up, it is hard to turn around.

Now, remember that I’m building a platform to make visual storytelling accessible to people with no artistic background? (or the time to do it), Well, of course, I didn’t forget about it. I devoted my dailies to get better at drawing stories so I can help others.

As I’m getting more confident in my practice now, I’m looking for new ways to return to my project. Today’s call with @timothybanks and @scarletdame helped me get back on track with their eye-opening observations, recommendations, and by example (they are both building something very cool, go and visit their dailies). The key takeaway from the conversation: Double down building a community.

A little side note here. It seems obvious now that having a community is important, but I needed to hear it from people who have a common understanding of what that means.

I decided to create a friend circle for people that want to be regular attendees to practice Visual Storytelling. A place where I can put into practice all the material that I’ve been creating and locked behind a price tag. I’m opening this space that is for free but not cheap for my regulars.

The goal? get the chance to test and improve my material in change for commitment.
The expected result? Refined material about Visual storytelling (Resources, tools, methods, courses) that I can later monetize in the open market. Of course, the circle’s close experience will also help me get insights into what the audience needs/wants.

Next steps.

  • Reach out to the folks who already use my platform and ask if they’re interested in becoming part of the circle. Same to people who showed interest in the project. Of course, any of my friends from Akimbo has open doors.
  • Have one-on-one conversations to talk about expectations in the group’s dynamic and the content of what I will call ‘‘the program’’ due to lack of words.
  • Create the program
  • Create a communication system (fancy word for maybe standing zoom meetings and a Whatsapp chat)
  • Set a documentation system
  • Do it

Of course, this is a rough plan created after the heat of the situation. I will come back and evaluate cold-headed in a couple of days.

On that note, you thought I would let you leave my dailies without a comic? Here is today’s sketch from my notebook to your screen!

A fragment of a comic case study

April 12.2021

Wow, it is nice to see how my last daily resonated with so many of you! I’m so happy to see that. I will take the time to respond to each of you in a bit. In the mid-time, here is today’s daily.

Even though I started to get excited and wanted to draw more Comic self-reflections (or so I will name them for now), I have a project to finish. Part of my training here is to learn to finish projects before committing to new ones. Yes, I’m thinking of doing a series of small comics about the troubles of a creative. But for now, I made some progress on my Comic Case Study.

This is the last fragment I wanted to refine. I also wrote a draft of the script to be updated and refined as a next step.

I’m honestly looking forward to wrapping up this series of case studies and post them on my website.

Find your voice

April 11.2021

Another day another story drawn.
I came to this workshop with hopes of finding my voice. I’m seventy-four days in, and I’m not even close. As a matter of fact, I didn’t start looking for it with the workshop. The search has been there for much longer. Yet, I’m feeling comfortable using whatever voice I have right now.

I thought finding my voice would involve stopping listening to the voice of my influences (the people I admire) and just listen to mine. I thought it would have to be original, ONLY ME. Well, my voice wouldn’t exist without the help from my mentors. As I start getting comfortable with my voice, I notice that my mentors’ ideas are still in my head, but I’m creating my own interpretation of them.

Even if I just have a Frankenvoice or Voicenstein (as you prefer), I’m sure it will eventually feel mine.
Until I decide to grow again…


April 10.2021

Progress on that side project I started with my friend the musician over a month ago.
It isn’t much but one step closer to completion. It may be hard to follow without the scenery, but I wanted to share the work in progress.

Live to create, create to live.

April 09.2021

A quick check-in because we are hosting a couple of friends at home today.

If I learned something in TCW is that showing up consist in two things. Doing the work and sharing it.
I remember my life wasn’t as balanced before. As a natural social butterfly, I used to get distracted very often from my projects.

Screen free in Covid-19 times

April 08.2021

Another quick side comic
I was chatting with my brother this evening, and we were making fun of his lack of screen-free hobbies.
He has the day off and no clue what to do. It sparked the idea of making a short comic of that.

I skipped like a hundred prompts and did the one posted today about The first 10 true fans 1. It makes me visit again why I like drawing these short stories. It’s because I like how relatable they are. I like making people feel they are not alone and even see the funny side out of bad times.

So I allowed myself to take a break from the comic case studies and draw this story.

No Judgy

April 07.2021

A little side quest today. I was missing my animated drawings and couldn’t help myself from drawing one. I listen to three different creative interviews today, and a recurrent team was to the power of being ourselves. And that stroke the idea of this doodle.

I know I’m not alone, feeling we are the most critical judges in our lives sometimes. Our mind as much power that can bring us down or build us up. We can’t avoid judging ourselves from time to time, but we can set reminders to guide us to go back on our fit. This is that reminder.

Your are about to go to the times when the daily comic was an occasional practice.

I was working on larger formats tho, are you curious looking for what I was working at that moment click here.

Consuming is part of the process

Maarch 21.2021

A quick daily for this Saturday. As always…
It’s hard to explain to my girlfriend that to be better at telling stories I gotta watch them!
Here a quick doodle of the situation this Saturday.

Short and sweet as every Saturday.
A doodle about some thought on finding problems.


I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Inspired by @benedikthesse active procrastination story here I short comic about the experience.


I like having a pipeline of ideas to sketch. Some stories are from something I experienced in the day, others from something I read. Then I also chat with my peers and get ideas from our chat. And I wonder if inspiration comes from many places, how do I know what’s mine and what’s borrowed from the art I create?

does it even matter?

What I know for certain is that I’m grateful for the environment I’m in that keeps me drawing every day.

Sunday Funday
Remember I said I take it easy on the weekends? So I went out on a 114km Bike following the initiative of a good friend of mine. The results?


I barely jumped on my bike during the winter. Going for such an ambitious trip just like that was not the best idea. As I was riding my bike, suffering because I choose not to wear leggings in -3C weather, I kept thinking how much of an amateur I’m!.

Seriously, I experienced the lesson of the daily practice compound but on the opposite. It’s hard to jump right into challenging tasks without the groundwork.

On the bright side, I made it back, felt the energy drained but still managed to doodle something in 5 min because I’ve been practicing every day, so it turned out quite an easy task.

So that’s my reflection of the day. Happy rest of your weekend

IDK why but I was feeling stuck with the other sketches I was working on the last days. I have to admit I like to take it easy on the weekends, so I chose to sketch an idea I actually knew I could complete. Here a sketch inspired by all of you who keep shooting every day.


Draft of the upcoming short animation. This time was inspired by one of the basic structures of storytelling. Yes, I’m going Meta over here. Drawing a story about story structure. It’s all about the cycle of teaching, practice, produce that Benedikt shared with me early on in the workshop.

Untitled_Artwork 2

I’m not 100% happy with the resolutions. I’m looking for something more ironic. Maybe the ‘‘want’’ is not the best example. Anyway, I feel comfortable with all these uncertainties cause I know not everything I produce will be great. I will most likely do another iteration of this, but the draft is enough to save the idea. That’s my take away from today’s practice

Keep the doodles coming.
If there is a community familiar with Creative’s block, is this one for sure! Inspired by @Yves story of the Axe and wooden block, I created this animation with a slight variation in the elements.


It’s all a metaphor.
Concrete block is the creative block
The book in progress is our working progress piece
What would the Hammer that destroys the block represent for you?

Day 32  March 1, 2021

Another day another doodle.
With no more big story project in the pipeline, I came back to my daily doodles. The concept goes around communicating one message as a graphic narrative in one short GIF. Aiming here to keep practicing and refining my choice of frame, story development, and transitions, length, and creativity to share a story. Any feedback related to this is much appreciated.

All these doodles are based on daily challenges I come as a creative.


Throughout the course of the workshop, I’ve been looking for ‘‘that thing’’ I could create as a series. I got to admit I was feeling jealous of the people creating something every day. Instead of thinking about how cool it is that they are doing it, I decided to take action and do my own series. Thirty-two days in the workshop is not too late, right?

Day 31  February 28, 2021

Short and sweet as every Sunday.

The next day after completing a project is weird. I felt a sense of completion, relief and want to celebrate resting. I also feel the momentum for taking over the next project to collide with the first wave of feelings. I’m used to jumping from project to project without acknowledging the win. To break with bad patterns, I spend the day taking in what I learned from this project.

Wins on my latest project
This is the longest animation I’ve done so far.
I improved a lot on character poses (especially playing guitar).
I’m feeling more confident about my style (big expressive eyes and black&white).
First time I shared my process so up to detail.
I got to read a lot of feedback on one of my sketches, I’m also not used to getting a lot of that.
I start to get a feeling I’m finding my genre. (let’s see how it goes when I do the lesson on that)
I finished it as I planned (sometimes I give these things for granted).

Most importantly, I had a lot of fun, and I feel like doing more of these again. To celebrate that, here a 2-minute doodle note in my Notebook to remind myself what I commit to practice.


Day 20  February 17, 2021

One day three creative outlets.

1.The endless battle between content and layout.
Inspired by my website’s back and forward creation, I made a new doodle to express my situation.


That was a great way to vent a bit of the frustration of putting this website together.

Day 9  February 6, 2021

Today’s post is brought to you by @Yves inspiration.
I liked the idea he proposed for a comic like a story about closing deals. I want to take the weekends to practice my technique and set aside business so this was an optimal exercise.


Note to self. While I was drawing this comic many ideas about a blog post came to my mind. Maybe that’s why me so long to finish this sketch. Now is too late to get started with that blog post but I will come back to it tomorrow.

Not 100% convinced with the outcome, but gotta rest for the night.
Feedback about how to deliver the message better is always welcome

February 7, 2021

I’m still getting familiar with our challenge here, so I’m using the lack of ideas as inspiration to create. I’m practicing my visual storytelling skills. Looking to deliver a message with a short sequence of illustrations same as my drawing style.


Day 2  January 30, 2021

Inspired by our commitment to ship creative work daily, I made this visual story. I like bringing comic writing structure to my visual work. I’m not the master of comedy, but I believe it adds personality.

I’ve been experimenting for a couple of weeks making loop animated doodles. I find it challenging to transmit one idea in a simple sequence of events. I’m not one hundred percent convinced. Is it hard to read? Does it have poor Copywrite? Is it too fast?

I guess practice will help, but I’m happy to hear any thoughts you come across for now.


I start by writing what I want to happen in the scene. I followed the basic rule of three. Introducing the situation, example one, example two, and closing with an unexpected absurd closing.

It took me a while to come up with this one, at least longer than I planned. Sometimes I oner engineer processes like. I could have just drawn a story in three steps once I got the idea. Instead, I searched for a structure for the story, brainstorm the ideas, and later draft the sketch and then refine it.

Draft from my writing session before sketching.