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Distractions come

Distractions come

But distractions can go as well.

Our lives are set up to get distracted. Every day a battle to get our attention is happening in our pocket, and not in the right way. Avoiding distractions could be the most demanded skill for professionals in the future. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I want to stress the point that it ain’t easy.

I’m obsessed with tactics to remain concentrated. I’ve tried timing my tasks, setting up fake deadlines, deactivating all notifications on my gadgets (yes, I’ve missed out a lot). But what I’ve earned so far is control over my life.

Now the trick comes on what to do with the ‘’free time’’ that we now have in our hands? We can comfortably sit and browse on Instagram. Still, if we earn that time, we might as well use it intentionally.

Look for that activity you wanted to do but didn’t have the time and do it. You earned it. See it as if you invested in it to take it seriously.

I use my extra time to draw and write. What would you use it for?

Want to learn tactics to make time? learn from the Timedorks.

Looking for giving purpose to the free time earned, have a look at Practice from Seth Godin.

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