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Do I know you?

Do I know you?

I was on Clubhouse a chat about sharing our story. The debate went around whether being open with our story helps to build trust. I believe it does. Sharing some of the events that happened before we get to meet connects on a whole other level.

Maybe meeting for the first time is not the right time to share something profound. But what if that got normaöized. Suppose we opened up the conversation with a weird fact from our childhood or telling something embarrassing.

This is part of my story.

  • I grew up in Mexico City, a noisy, beautifully dense, chaotic place to live.
  • The house I grew up in used to be my grandma’s farm, so I had plenty of space to play.
  • One day I found out I was moving with my Dad to the countryside. A little town in Oaxaca, and my close to Veracruz. There I got connected to Mexican folk roots and with friends for life.
  • The rural times didn’t last long, so and we came back to the city. I attended public school and learned to get in trouble. After a while, the principal didn’t know what to do with me, so I got expelled. Whoops, I had to go back to the countryside with my friends to finish middle school.
  • Okay, we gave it another try to the city and now for high school.
  • I didn’t graduate on time, so I had to make an extra year of high school. I won with my girlfriend at the prom Couple of the year tho. An event that I planned, the joke tells itself.
  • Explored the fine arts, trying to learn photography balanced with studying entrepreneurship. The dream to become independent had to wait because it was time for University.
  • Uni was the first time I felt like learning something. I got to know exciting people, professors, and friends that changed my view of the world.
  • I went to study a semester abroad in Germany, loved it, and decided to stay. First, move towards my independence dream.
  • I got a job but barely spoke the language of the company. I learned to explain my ideas with drawings.
  • With the flexibility from Uni and Work, I spent most of my time traveling. For two years straight, I traveled once a month. At times was just to the neighboring country. Others were trips overseas.
  • I decided to get serious about staying in the country. I graduated, found a stable job, and move with my girlfriend.

Writing this list of events makes me feel like my story is an endless pursuit for finding a place to fit in. Isn’t it interesting what we can discover when writing?