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Don’t change a system that is working

Don’t change a system that is working

If it’s not broken, don’t change it
If it keeps spinning, don’t stop it
If it’s giving you excellent results, stick to it.

Often enough, we get inspired by other people’s innovative solutions on the internet. It is either about changing a habit in our routine, implement new systems in our business, or rearranging our living room. We live in times of endless possibilities. To survive, we need to level up our decision-making game.

I know it is hard for us for sensitive people. We get excited about every shiny project out there. But believe me, attempting to get a taste of everything that excites us is a losing game. It misleads us from our goals and deflects our focus.

Discovery of the day.

A great rule of thumb to cut off the number of things to try is to ask ourselves. Is this new ‘’thing’’ replacing something broken in my life? If the answer is NO, then I guess we are better off looking for ways to fix the broken ones. I guarantee you that it would be a better bet than spending time finding new ways to get the same results.

That’s is why I like to keep a list of broken things. Beyond feeling stressed about finding the time to solve them, I used them as an excuse to keep myself away from improving systems in my life that are working.