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Embracing limitations

Embracing limitations

Our life is filled with limited resources. With time we learn how to use them wisely. To choose them with intent. Those limitations nurture our creativity to make the best of what we have.

Can a piece of the paper consider the simplest form of constraining?

Think about a brainstorming session. You are commanded to write one idea per post it. If you get the classic square size, you are challenged to write your statement in one sentence. Maybe you draw an abstract representation of your idea to avoid making the marker’s ink expand and make it harder to read.

A picture of my agenda

What about a to-do list. My Agenda has a space for a daily list of the things that I want to get done. It’s so small that I cant fit more than ten tasks in it, and I’m glad because I know I will probably don’t have the time to accomplish more. It is the perfect size x time ratio.

Discovery of the day

As a piece of paper is for notes and drawings, there are many tools around us that we can use to set constraints. Choosing to use them is an act of commitment. With commitment and constraints, the outcome is just a matter of time.