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Fatigued by decision

Fatigued by decision

Do we choose to get fatigued, or we get fatigued while we decide?

Which technique should you try?
Which tools should I use?
Where should I show my work?
How long should I spend on it?
Which emails should I respond to before I get started?
Do those align with my goals?

Going over this process every day is taxing. Most importantly, it keeps us away from doing our work. It steals our precious time to create.

Making decisions in advance is a great way to take care of our creative work. Integrating those decisions in your routine evokes predictability. We are going to show up, and work is going to get done.

Take care of your future self, make decisions beforehand, and execute. If you see a problem that you have to solve every time you are about to work, implement a system to address it. Don’t forget to make sure your future you trust those decisions and commits to them. At least for a while, until there is enough data to prove you wrong.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you had a tough day full of meetings. When you go to bed, you know you got up to create something, so as tomorrow will be.