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Feelings oriented agenda

Feelings oriented agenda

At times we lost track of why we do things. Yes, we are following our plan. We are on duty and committed to our cause. But one day, this discourse will not be enough. Ticking a box from a to-do list won’t give the spark that we look for, and we will need something else to lean on.

One of the patterns I’ve noticed in myself is that I neglect feelings when planning my agenda. I look for efficiency. I plan a sequence of steps towards my goals (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, you name it) is productive, but it doesn’t satisfy my soul. Once the dopamine from hitting a benchmark is gone, I have a conflict of emotions before bed.

This insight and the help of my coach brought me to the idea of scheduling feelings. To navigate my days with feelings in mind. Imagine scheduling Supportive Tuesdays. You go to work and tackle all those meetings to be supportive. Maybe you come back home and support your partner with her hobbies. And at the end of the day, you get a sense of accomplishment from your intention.

I can’t assure you that planning all our days by ‘’feeling’’ is the answer. But I can tell that is a powerful tool for the days that hitting benchmarks and clearing the backlog is not enough to get you started. Allow yourself to switch your mindset, break the pattern for a day and claim your right to feel.

Here more ideas:
Creative Thursdays
Productive Wednesdays
Loving Mondays
Sensitive Fridays
Curious Saturdays

Which feeling day will you schedule next?

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