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Get comfortable sharing your story

Get comfortable sharing your story

…and discover something of yourself every time you look back.

People like us, entrepreneurs with big plans in our heads and goals. Growth seekers looking to become a better version of themselves. Passionate creatives who wish to improve their skills. We are all looking ahead and thinking about the future. Sometimes so much that we forget about our past.

Remember when you planned to get where you are now?

Let’s visit where we came from. What we did to get us where we are. Every time we visit our past, we find new hints from ourselves. They have validated experiences that we can repeat in our lives.

That’s why I love to be interviewed. It is a time-limited exercise of self-exploration. There is no way around it (if you truly are committed to it). The spotlight puts enough pressure on us to sick for the answer. If we are fortunate, we discover something from ourselves, maybe even worth practicing again.

It is a limited window of self-discovery. We don’t have to spend much time there. We visit, learn, pick up something, and come back.

Discovery of the day.
Thinking about the future gives us the vision and motivation to keep going. Visiting the past teaches us about the good and wrongs of our life. Important is to come back to the present time after the time travel with something useful.

How often do you visit your past?

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