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Learning to help

Learning to help

Learning how to help is about making questions rather than having the answers.

It’s about listening.
It’s about creating a comfortable space for people to open up.
It’s about building trust.
It’s about explaining what has worked for you to i
It is about being honest.
Learning to give a diagnosis after detecting the symptoms
It is about being honest when you are not the right person to give help.
It is about knowing how to offer your help when you know how to solve the problem.

Today I was coaching a fellow aspiring entrepreneur to overcome a creative block. He was feeling stuck to make a critical decision in his venture. I’ve been there, so as any entrepreneur has, so I sat and listened to figure out how to help him.

During the first twenty minutes of our call, I listened and tried to come up with a piece of good advice. I didn’t have any, but my friend had one for me, one to read between the lines. He told me -Man, this is so comforting, it’s like talking with an entrepreneurship psychologist; I’m starting to feel better. That sentence switched my mindset for the rest of the call.

The rest of the conversation turned into a series of questions that I made to ‘’diagnose’’ his situation. The dynamic changed, and so my understanding of how to help. We wrapped up the conversation with a solid understanding of the problem and a good idea to handle it.

The discovery of the day is

To help, we have to listen to be patient, and avoid jumping to reactive solutions. If we genuinely want to help, we have to care and to care, we first have to understand.