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Planning will take you so far.

Planning will take you so far.

And won’t take you far enough if you waste all your time planning.

Life demands us to take action and create what we envision. We can spend all day planning, but if that takes all our energy, we will run out of fuel to make the thing we want to build.

To break the vicious cycle of planning and start making, we need to make a choice.

If we find ourselves going around circles, planning is because we are not confident enough to call the shots.

I get it; making a big decision can be nerve-racking and draining. Luckily, we can learn from people who found ways to solve this problem.

Rosa and Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I got inspired watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (a police comedy sitcom). Rosa (though assertive officer) asks Boyle (her antithesis) to choose between two options. Boyle happily offers his support, as he claims himself the perfect man for the job since he is really indecisive. Rosa doubts the reasoning of his friend, and as she turns away, he explains why.

-I’m terrible at making decisions. My whole family is, and that’s why I’m the one for the job. I have a bulletproof system to make choices!

Smart enough, his family came up with a millenary system to help the Boyle’s. The trick is a series of 100 questions and weird rituals that support the comedy of the show. Even if there is no tactic to learn from Boyle, we can learn from their problem-solving spirit.

Discovery of the day.
Boyle is a creative dude.

Kidding, what I mean is, if we find ourselves struggling to know when to shift from planning to making, we can look for tactics to ease the process. Even better, we can anticipate these scenarios and have them handy when the issue shows up. Let’s double down, integrate decision-making exercises to wrap up a planning process.

Which one is your favorite decision-making tactic? Mine is the Impact effort scale. Share yours, and let’s build a list for more people to get inspired.