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The endless task switching

The endless task switching

We face an inevitable reality for creatives to move up the career ladder or start new ventures. We got to learn how the business operates. That understanding gives us a seat at the table to finally have a say on significant decisions.

Creative minds struggle to talk about market positioning, strategy, and finance plans. It can get boring, and even worst, we can feel our creative muscles getting weaker. We look forward to going back to our designer desk and build something.

Waiting for us, there are thousands of puzzles to solve and ‘’meaningless’’ tasks (compared to the quarter financial plan meeting we attended before). We’ve been away from the practice, and even choosing a color palette can take longer than it used to. -Am I losing my creative skills???

To avoid the personal crisis, I like to see biz problems as creative challenges and vice versa. You know, to keep the muscles ready to flex when needed.

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