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Traceback and repeat.

Traceback and repeat.

Having goals and ambitions are powerful fuel our daily purpose. Looking at our desire future pushes us forward. We shall not forget, even though we are heading somewhere, we came from somewhere else.

The fact that we can remember how we felt when we didn’t have what we have now is proof that we succeeded.

Traceback those moments and repeat. The answer for the next moves is most likely already inside us. Hiden in our memory, in a path we already walked through.

Today I watched Soul by Pixar, and this message was the key takeaway I got from the movie. (Spoiler alert) The main character opens with the premise, ‘’once my dream comes true, I will be happy forever’’ the interesting part is what happens after he gets there.


Life didn’t stop there; life continued.

Reaching goals is fantastic, but the practice of working on getting there is more sustainable.