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You will find your way

You will find your way
‘’If I could start again, a million miles away, I would keep myself, I would find a way’’ Trent Reznor

You might get there. You might as well not, The place you seek might not be there at all.

The answers you’re looking for might not help you out. You might turn around and ask what did I do wrong?

Stress might invade you, followed by fear. Don’t drain yourself to death. The feelings will eventually disappear.

We all lose our way. We all lose the sense of time, important is that you have a helping hand.

Pull it tight, my dear you will get back on your feet faith in you is F***ing real.

Today I tried to through some verses for a song.

I remember being young, listening to the song Hurt from NIN. I could feel the pain but not quite understand it. It was like I knew the sentiment was there, ready to flourish.

Today I sat to listen to the song and feel what I’ve become. From miles away. I know I could have it all, and it just takes putting in the work and delivering.

Discovery of the day

I’ve been dedicating the past months to find my voice. I remember to avoid doing it because I didn’t know which medium to use or how to articulate it. I might not have figured it out yet, but I’m not afraid to explore and fail.

In case someone needs to hear it. You will find your way.